Spray Tan vs. Tanning Bed

Nothing gives you that beautiful glow like a natural-looking tan. Bronzed bodies, tanned and toned skin, and that perfect hint of color are easier and better-looking than ever before, but have you ever stopped to consider the differences between spray tans and tanning beds? Read on as our experts at HD Tanning, explain the pros and cons of each.

Tanning Beds

When summer season arrives, pale skin and the risk of sunburn aren’t exactly appealing. Tanning beds that provide varying levels of intensity (and therefore lighter or darker tans) are available, and they come in various forms. Standing booths, traditional beds used lying down, high-pressure beds, and many other options are available, depending on your preferences and needs. Generally, UVA or UVB rays are emitted via fluorescent bulbs, resulting in a beautiful, natural-looking tan.
There are many benefits to tanning in a bed. Most people find the experience to be very relaxing. Bed tanning results in a nice, even tan with no tan lines or only the tan lines of your choosing. The gradual buildup makes the tan long-lasting, and you can tan for longer or shorter periods of time in more or less intense beds, allowing you to completely customize your tan.

Spray Tans

If the thought of UV rays from the sun or a tanning bed concerns you, spray tans can be another great option. A fine-spray tanning solution mist that contains DHA results in an even, streak-free tan that will keep you glowing for a week or more.
There are many benefits to choosing spray tanning: The lower health risks, the fact that you don’t have to build your tan over weeks or months, the instantaneous results that do tend to deepen overnight if you don’t shower immediately, and the fact that you can choose the exact color you want all make spray tans an ideal option for many tanners.

Which Is Right for You?

There is no right answer for which type of tanning is better. Do test runs of both, or choose the one whose benefits fit your lifestyle and needs better. If you’ve ever considered spray tans in Raymore, we recommend doing a trial run before any important event. This allows you to test skin sensitivity as well as overall color in a low-stakes setting.

To effectively prepare your skin for a tanning session, be sure to exfoliate thoroughly, since rough, dead skin can result in an uneven tan. Shave or wax to remove unwanted hair. Remove oils and moisturizers from skin, and then apply balm sparingly to rough skin like elbows, knees, or lips before spray tanning.

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