Health Benefits to Tanning

All over the country, tanning salons are getting a bad rap, but an increasing number of scientific studies are being published that actually highlight the benefits of indoor tanning. We at HD Tan want to share a couple of these benefits of visiting tanning salons such as our salon in Raymore.

Reduces the Risk of Sunburn

One little known fact about regular tanning is that it actually reduces the risk of sunburn. As your skin tans, the outer layer of your skin actually thickens and makes the skin less likely to burn when out in the sun too long. Getting a sunburn is going to be a lot more harmful to your skin than a healthy glow that acts as a barrier between the sun’s ultraviolet rays and your skin.

Minimizes the Effects of Health Conditions

You get Vitamin D from ultraviolet rays available with long soaks in the sunlight as well as tanning salons. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many severe health conditions such as blood pressure, heart disease, and more. Also, Vitamin D is essential for healthy and great looking skin and minimizes the effects of emotional disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Makes You Feel Great

Finally, visiting an indoor tanning salon regularly, as long as you are not overdoing it, can be a great way to just keep you feeling better. In addition to improving and reducing the risk of those health conditions outlined above, tanning provides your body with the essential Vitamin D it needs to feel better and for you to be happy. No matter where you live and what season, you can benefit from the many wonderful things that indoor tanning provides.

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