How to Prepare Your Skin for Your Next Vacation

Many people utilize indoor tanning units in order to achieve a tan not only for looks, but to help prepare their skin for the sunshine and UV rays they will be exposed to on their upcoming vacation.


Make sure to give yourself an adequate amount of time, based on your skin type, to achieve a proper tan before your vacation. It is important that you don’t wait until last minute to get a base tan. If you wait too long, you won’t get the base tan you need to prevent overexposure while enjoying your hard-earned vacation time.

We recommend that you come in at least 3-4 weeks prior to your vacation in order to build up a proper base tan; this gives you time to build up a tan while using our UV tanning units in moderation.

Tanning Options

We usually suggest that you start out in a high-pressure tanning unit to build some color before using units that have higher levels of UVB exposure. High-pressure tanning units project more UVA, meaning that you are less likely to be overexposed and burned during the process. After reaching full time and tanning in this unit multiple times at the maximum (if you get to this point), we suggest that you mix up the types of tanning units and go into a bed that projects more UVB to prepare you for the outdoor sun.

Want a quick boost of color before the big trip? Try a spray tan at our Raymore location for more instant cosmetic color. (No, you will not look like Ross from Friends!) The spray tan can help you achieve a beautiful glow through customized color options in a short amount of time.

Tanning Times

Unfortunately, there is no magical chart that tells us how long everyone should tan in each type of bed. Everyone has different skin types and different sensitivities so everything varies for each customer. The tanning consultants at our salon are certified in tanning and can easily help you find the right amount of tanning time based on your skin type, the type of UV tanning unit you choose, and the maximum amount of time the tanning unit allows.

On your first visit, we don’t recommend that you go the full time on any UV tanning unit in most cases. Whether you believe it or not, you do not have to overexpose or burn your skin in order to achieve a tan! It is the tanning consultants’ job to assess your needs and skin type to help you achieve stunning color without overexposure occurring.

Pre-Tanning and Post-Tanning Products

We strongly recommended that the tanner use proper pre-tanning and post-tanning products sold in our salon. A lot of people assume tanning consultants are just trying to sell you on the idea that you need the lotion; the truth is, it is an important part of the tanning process. Good pre-tanning lotions help you get a tan more quickly, help the tan last longer, and most importantly, help to give back to your skin what tanning may be taking away from it.

Want to achieve the best color in the shortest amount of time possible while still taking care of your skin in the process? Then use proper pre-tanning lotions! Everyone’s skin is different, and this is why salons carry so many different products; the idea is to be able to find a product that’s right for everyone.

Post-tanning products are a little different. These products are referenced as post-tanning products because you use them after you tan. This can be immediately after you tan, after a shower later in the day, etc. Almost everyone uses a daily moisturizer, but as a tanner, you may have different needs.

Who wants to pay for a tan and then use something everyday that can be taking away from it? Make sure you are using a product to moisturize daily that doesn’t have ingredients in that are going to strip away your tan or prevent it from progressing—this is even more important if you are getting a spray tan.

Ingredients such as alcohols, mineral oils, and sulfates are all culprits of stripping/blocking a tan. Watch for these ingredients in your daily moisturizer. Our salon should always have post-tanning products for you to choose from, so you should never have to worry about this!

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