Health Benefits to Tanning

All over the country, tanning salons are getting a bad rap, but an increasing number of scientific studies are being published that actually highlight the benefits of indoor tanning. We at HD Tan want to share a couple of these benefits of visiting tanning salons such as our salon in Raymore.

Reduces the Risk of Sunburn

One little known fact about regular tanning is that it actually reduces the risk of sunburn. As your skin tans, the outer layer of your skin actually thickens and makes the skin less likely to burn when out in the sun too long. Getting a sunburn is going to be a lot more harmful to your skin than a healthy glow that acts as a barrier between the sun’s ultraviolet rays and your skin.

Minimizes the Effects of Health Conditions

You get Vitamin D from ultraviolet rays available with long soaks in the sunlight as well as tanning salons. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many severe health conditions such as blood pressure, heart disease, and more. Also, Vitamin D is essential for healthy and great looking skin and minimizes the effects of emotional disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Makes You Feel Great

Finally, visiting an indoor tanning salon regularly, as long as you are not overdoing it, can be a great way to just keep you feeling better. In addition to improving and reducing the risk of those health conditions outlined above, tanning provides your body with the essential Vitamin D it needs to feel better and for you to be happy. No matter where you live and what season, you can benefit from the many wonderful things that indoor tanning provides.

How to Prepare Your Skin for Your Next Vacation

Many people utilize indoor tanning units in order to achieve a tan not only for looks, but to help prepare their skin for the sunshine and UV rays they will be exposed to on their upcoming vacation.


Make sure to give yourself an adequate amount of time, based on your skin type, to achieve a proper tan before your vacation. It is important that you don’t wait until last minute to get a base tan. If you wait too long, you won’t get the base tan you need to prevent overexposure while enjoying your hard-earned vacation time.

We recommend that you come in at least 3-4 weeks prior to your vacation in order to build up a proper base tan; this gives you time to build up a tan while using our UV tanning units in moderation.

Tanning Options

We usually suggest that you start out in a high-pressure tanning unit to build some color before using units that have higher levels of UVB exposure. High-pressure tanning units project more UVA, meaning that you are less likely to be overexposed and burned during the process. After reaching full time and tanning in this unit multiple times at the maximum (if you get to this point), we suggest that you mix up the types of tanning units and go into a bed that projects more UVB to prepare you for the outdoor sun.

Want a quick boost of color before the big trip? Try a spray tan at our Raymore location for more instant cosmetic color. (No, you will not look like Ross from Friends!) The spray tan can help you achieve a beautiful glow through customized color options in a short amount of time.

Tanning Times

Unfortunately, there is no magical chart that tells us how long everyone should tan in each type of bed. Everyone has different skin types and different sensitivities so everything varies for each customer. The tanning consultants at our salon are certified in tanning and can easily help you find the right amount of tanning time based on your skin type, the type of UV tanning unit you choose, and the maximum amount of time the tanning unit allows.

On your first visit, we don’t recommend that you go the full time on any UV tanning unit in most cases. Whether you believe it or not, you do not have to overexpose or burn your skin in order to achieve a tan! It is the tanning consultants’ job to assess your needs and skin type to help you achieve stunning color without overexposure occurring.

Pre-Tanning and Post-Tanning Products

We strongly recommended that the tanner use proper pre-tanning and post-tanning products sold in our salon. A lot of people assume tanning consultants are just trying to sell you on the idea that you need the lotion; the truth is, it is an important part of the tanning process. Good pre-tanning lotions help you get a tan more quickly, help the tan last longer, and most importantly, help to give back to your skin what tanning may be taking away from it.

Want to achieve the best color in the shortest amount of time possible while still taking care of your skin in the process? Then use proper pre-tanning lotions! Everyone’s skin is different, and this is why salons carry so many different products; the idea is to be able to find a product that’s right for everyone.

Post-tanning products are a little different. These products are referenced as post-tanning products because you use them after you tan. This can be immediately after you tan, after a shower later in the day, etc. Almost everyone uses a daily moisturizer, but as a tanner, you may have different needs.

Who wants to pay for a tan and then use something everyday that can be taking away from it? Make sure you are using a product to moisturize daily that doesn’t have ingredients in that are going to strip away your tan or prevent it from progressing—this is even more important if you are getting a spray tan.

Ingredients such as alcohols, mineral oils, and sulfates are all culprits of stripping/blocking a tan. Watch for these ingredients in your daily moisturizer. Our salon should always have post-tanning products for you to choose from, so you should never have to worry about this!

3 Tips for Sunless Tanning in Winter

As our clients stop by for a sunless tan in Raymore, they often ask us about how they can get the most of their tan. What can be done to ensure that it will look great and last as long as possible? To them, we offer these 3 steps that they, and you, can take to ensure that your tan will look great this winter:


One of the biggest issues with your skin during the winter is that it will dry out and get scaly. In some places, you may experience greater amounts of pollution that can make your face look dull and gray. Before you head to the tanning bed or get a spray tan, you need to prepare your skin by exfoliating. Find a process that will be soft but effective. You need to remove all the dead skin so the young and vibrant skin underneath can shine through.



To counteract the dryness of the winter, you should also moisturize your skin on a regular basis. Not only will it help keep your skin looking its best, but it will help the tan permeate deeper. During the winter, choose oil-based lotions to help protect your skin from the dry conditions. And always remember to apply lotion when you get out of the bath or shower. The water tends to dry skin out even more, so you’ll need the extra help from lotion when you step out of the shower. Pat your skin dry and let the lotion do its job. To counteract the dryness of the winter, you should also moisturize your skin on a regular basis. Not only will it help keep your skin looking its best, but it will help the tan permeate deeper. During the winter, choose oil-based lotions to help protect your skin from the dry conditions. And always remember to apply lotion when you get out of the bath or shower. The water tends to dry skin out even more, so you’ll need the extra help from lotion when you step out of the shower. Pat your skin dry and let the lotion do its job.


Hopefully, you’re already washing your skin on a regular basis. Make sure to wash your skin before tanning, especially since you should wait at least 3 hours after tanning to wash your skin. Waiting to wash your skin after tanning will help the tan permeate your skin more thoroughly. When it comes to washing your skin, the products are important, too. You should refrain from ones that are made of alcohol or other products that could end up drying out your skin. Fragrant soaps and body washes are known to dry out skin, so you may need to purchase something else to use this winter.

With the help of HD Tanning  and these tips, you can have tan skin throughout the summer. Whether you’re preparing for your upcoming spring break vacation or just want to maintain a sun-kissed look when the weather is dark and gray outside, sunless tanning is a great way to do it. Just make sure to take care of your skin and keep it soft and moist, so it will continue to look its best throughout the year.

Spray Tan vs. Tanning Bed

Nothing gives you that beautiful glow like a natural-looking tan. Bronzed bodies, tanned and toned skin, and that perfect hint of color are easier and better-looking than ever before, but have you ever stopped to consider the differences between spray tans and tanning beds? Read on as our experts at HD Tanning, explain the pros and cons of each.

Tanning Beds

When summer season arrives, pale skin and the risk of sunburn aren’t exactly appealing. Tanning beds that provide varying levels of intensity (and therefore lighter or darker tans) are available, and they come in various forms. Standing booths, traditional beds used lying down, high-pressure beds, and many other options are available, depending on your preferences and needs. Generally, UVA or UVB rays are emitted via fluorescent bulbs, resulting in a beautiful, natural-looking tan.
There are many benefits to tanning in a bed. Most people find the experience to be very relaxing. Bed tanning results in a nice, even tan with no tan lines or only the tan lines of your choosing. The gradual buildup makes the tan long-lasting, and you can tan for longer or shorter periods of time in more or less intense beds, allowing you to completely customize your tan.

Spray Tans

If the thought of UV rays from the sun or a tanning bed concerns you, spray tans can be another great option. A fine-spray tanning solution mist that contains DHA results in an even, streak-free tan that will keep you glowing for a week or more.
There are many benefits to choosing spray tanning: The lower health risks, the fact that you don’t have to build your tan over weeks or months, the instantaneous results that do tend to deepen overnight if you don’t shower immediately, and the fact that you can choose the exact color you want all make spray tans an ideal option for many tanners.

Which Is Right for You?

There is no right answer for which type of tanning is better. Do test runs of both, or choose the one whose benefits fit your lifestyle and needs better. If you’ve ever considered spray tans in Raymore, we recommend doing a trial run before any important event. This allows you to test skin sensitivity as well as overall color in a low-stakes setting.

To effectively prepare your skin for a tanning session, be sure to exfoliate thoroughly, since rough, dead skin can result in an uneven tan. Shave or wax to remove unwanted hair. Remove oils and moisturizers from skin, and then apply balm sparingly to rough skin like elbows, knees, or lips before spray tanning.

What is Sunless Tanning

This winter, if you want to keep your favorite sun-kissed skin color without subjecting yourself to the harmful rays of the sun, then we definitely recommend getting a sunless tan in Raymore. Here at HD Tanning , we love showing our clients how to get the skin color they are looking for without running the risks that come with UV lights in the tanning booths and beds.

Recently, we have had a lot of people asking about what sunless tanning is, and what it involves. Quite plainly, sunless tanning is just what it sounds like: it is a way to get a tan without involving the sun or the UV rays from any other man-made device.

There are a number of ways to get a tan without the sun, but we prefer our spray tan option. This is a specially designed concoction of natural pigments, moisturizers, and toners. This mixture will adhere to your skin and color it a shade of tan.

We use a specially designed spraying device to deliver the product. This ensures even coverage, and helps to avoid the streaks and strange residue that comes with the lotions and other products that are used elsewhere. Our spray doesn’t drip or cause any strange uneven lines when it darkens.

One of the best things about using the spray tanning method, aside from the obvious safety side of things, is that you can choose any shade you want. This means that you can get as dark as you want or stay as light as you want. This helps to avoid the necessary gradual process with the tanning beds, and can put a limit on the shade, which is not an option with the sun.

Basically, sunless tanning is a way to get the color you want in your skin with total control over the final outcome, and with complete safety from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The History of Tanning

Tanned skin has been a sign of leisure and beauty for many years, but before the early 1900s, it was a sign of the working class. If you had pale skin, you likely spent your time indoors, a sign that you were able to spend your time inside leisurely and without any need to work outdoors in the sun. Dark skin was “associated with serfdom and toiling in fields all day,” and pale skin was sought after in the Roman and Elizabethan eras, even to the point of using whiteners to create an even paler version of skin—despite the fact that most whiteners were poisonous and harmful to the wearer, according to

But after small advances in the medicinal field, like phototherapy and the incandescent light bath used by King Edward VII, using sunlight as therapy became more and more accepted. 20 years later however, Coco Chanel went on a Mediterranean cruise and ended up spending too much time in the sun. After she returned, she sparked a new trend—and a new era of skin beauty began. When, according to, “photographs of her disembarking in Cannes set a new precedent of beauty. Later, a friend of Chanel commented that “I think she may have invented sunbathing. At that time, she invented everything.’”

After that time, tanning took off. Sun lamps became extremely popular, as well as using tea bags to mimic a natural looking tan. After WWII, the first fake tan product hit the market, called the “Man Tan,” which used a chemical derived from sugar cane to cause a browning effect, similar to the effect of a cut apple browning. With the invention of commercial air travel in the 1960s, more people were able to take vacations, and sun tanning opened many new commercial endeavors, like the beginning versions of spray tanning, and eventually started a cosmetic industry: tanning. In the 1970s, the ingredient, DHA, was approved by the FDA, and many self-tanners still use the ingredient, though a derived form of DHA. Though there are many different options today for spray tanning, many still use a form of DHA, though a more natural version. Though many older spray tans gave off a more orange tint, there are many today that give a more natural tint and are not as likely to streak or hurt your skin.

Though spray tanning or self-tanners are a great option, there were also tanning beds introduced in 1978. Though these tanning beds have become less popular in the recent years, they still remain a hallmark of tanning salons in Lawrence, KS, especially because they help create a base tan for those who don’t wish to sunburn on a vacation. With many tanning salons offering both options, each having its pros and cons, you can decide for yourself which type of tan will look the best and make you feel the best. And that’s what HD Tanning  truly wants to achieve: to make you feel your very best! Call today for an appointment, or come in today to discuss our tanning options.

5 Best Tanning Procedures To Follow

Experienced tanners will tell you that you can get burned even in the best tanning salons in Raymore. Of course you want to get a touch of color to your skin, and deepen the color over time, but that color isn’t blister red. These steps will get you the most enviable tan.

1.     Know Your Skin

Take an honest assessment of your skin type and how well it tans. Tanning salons will ask you to rate your skin type, usually on a scale of 1-4 with 1 being the palest. Rate your skin according to how it looks without any tanning. Also be aware of any skin issues with acne or acne medications, as these conditions will only cause a tanning bed to burn your skin faster and leave you peeling, scarred skin instead of a golden tan.

2.     Start Short

The first time you visit any tanning salon, be prepared to rest in a tanning bed for only a short period of time. Some tanning beds, depending on intensity, allow you to lie in the bed for up to 10 minutes or even 20. Don’t stay in the bed for the whole time, and in fact, have the attendant time your bed to shut off much sooner in case you fall asleep. If you have no base tan whatsoever, don’t stay in a tanning bed for longer than half of the maximum allowed time.

3.     Build Gradually

After you have built a base tan, you can start looking to deepen and darken your tan. Do so gradually, building your minutes in the bed by only a couple of minutes at a time. To give your skin time to adjust, you should generally use the same tanning bed 2 or 3 times before switching to a new bed. Also, don’t visit a tanning bed more than 3 times a week. Your skin needs time in between tanning sessions.

4.     Know Your Tanning Beds

Different kinds of tanning beds suit different skin types and tanning levels. For a base tan, you’ll want a bed that uses more UV rays. To deepen a base tan, you’ll want a bed that uses lower-UV bulbs. For more customized or instant color results, use non-UV or spray tan stations. Quiz the tanning salon attendants and get recommendations based on your skin types. Different salons call their beds by different names, such as Wolff, Ruva, and etc.

5.     Know Your Lotions

Use lotions for a more even, moisturized tan. Tanning salon attendants are your best source of information about particular tanning lotions. For extra sensitive or fair skin, a lotion with some SPF protection can actually improve your tan and prevent burning. Some lotions enhance a more golden color while some promote a darker, richer, beach-dweller tan. Going for a natural color that complements your complexion is always best!

Benefits of UV-Free Tanning

If you love that sun-kissed glow from a nice tan, but are tired of worrying about the many health risks that have been linked to getting a UV tan in Raymore, then we have a suggestion for you to consider. Here at HD Tanning, we love the spray tan services we offer. Spray Tans give you a great, natural looking tan that is safe and long lasting.

Natural Looking

Many people have hesitated to use this service, because they fear looking like orange monsters. We can assure you that our materials and equipment are specially designed to offer a completely natural tone for your skin. We can show you the different shades we offer and some pictures of our many satisfied customers.


Of course, this is a safer option, because it does not require you to go anywhere near UV rays of the sun or a tanning bed. We also use products with natural ingredients as we want you to be safe from the dangerous chemicals that are sometimes used in spray tan services. These ingredients are also helpful in creating the aforementioned natural look on your skin. We do not want to pump you full of chemicals, so we choose our products carefully.

Long Lasting

One of the best benefits of using spray tanning options is that they tend to last longer than a UV tan. The UV bed tans can fade within a few days, but a spray tan can give you weeks of the natural glow you love. This is especially helpful in the winter when you will not have as many options to maintain a sun or UV bed tan. We want you to look and feel beautiful, and we know that is best done with a treatment that will last for a while. If your tan begins to fade quickly, we will be happy to give you another treatment.