Benefits of UV-Free Tanning

If you love that sun-kissed glow from a nice tan, but are tired of worrying about the many health risks that have been linked to getting a UV tan in Raymore, then we have a suggestion for you to consider. Here at HD Tanning, we love the spray tan services we offer. Spray Tans give you a great, natural looking tan that is safe and long lasting.

Natural Looking

Many people have hesitated to use this service, because they fear looking like orange monsters. We can assure you that our materials and equipment are specially designed to offer a completely natural tone for your skin. We can show you the different shades we offer and some pictures of our many satisfied customers.


Of course, this is a safer option, because it does not require you to go anywhere near UV rays of the sun or a tanning bed. We also use products with natural ingredients as we want you to be safe from the dangerous chemicals that are sometimes used in spray tan services. These ingredients are also helpful in creating the aforementioned natural look on your skin. We do not want to pump you full of chemicals, so we choose our products carefully.

Long Lasting

One of the best benefits of using spray tanning options is that they tend to last longer than a UV tan. The UV bed tans can fade within a few days, but a spray tan can give you weeks of the natural glow you love. This is especially helpful in the winter when you will not have as many options to maintain a sun or UV bed tan. We want you to look and feel beautiful, and we know that is best done with a treatment that will last for a while. If your tan begins to fade quickly, we will be happy to give you another treatment.

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