5 Best Tanning Procedures To Follow

Experienced tanners will tell you that you can get burned even in the best tanning salons in Raymore. Of course you want to get a touch of color to your skin, and deepen the color over time, but that color isn’t blister red. These steps will get you the most enviable tan.

1.     Know Your Skin

Take an honest assessment of your skin type and how well it tans. Tanning salons will ask you to rate your skin type, usually on a scale of 1-4 with 1 being the palest. Rate your skin according to how it looks without any tanning. Also be aware of any skin issues with acne or acne medications, as these conditions will only cause a tanning bed to burn your skin faster and leave you peeling, scarred skin instead of a golden tan.

2.     Start Short

The first time you visit any tanning salon, be prepared to rest in a tanning bed for only a short period of time. Some tanning beds, depending on intensity, allow you to lie in the bed for up to 10 minutes or even 20. Don’t stay in the bed for the whole time, and in fact, have the attendant time your bed to shut off much sooner in case you fall asleep. If you have no base tan whatsoever, don’t stay in a tanning bed for longer than half of the maximum allowed time.

3.     Build Gradually

After you have built a base tan, you can start looking to deepen and darken your tan. Do so gradually, building your minutes in the bed by only a couple of minutes at a time. To give your skin time to adjust, you should generally use the same tanning bed 2 or 3 times before switching to a new bed. Also, don’t visit a tanning bed more than 3 times a week. Your skin needs time in between tanning sessions.

4.     Know Your Tanning Beds

Different kinds of tanning beds suit different skin types and tanning levels. For a base tan, you’ll want a bed that uses more UV rays. To deepen a base tan, you’ll want a bed that uses lower-UV bulbs. For more customized or instant color results, use non-UV or spray tan stations. Quiz the tanning salon attendants and get recommendations based on your skin types. Different salons call their beds by different names, such as Wolff, Ruva, and etc.

5.     Know Your Lotions

Use lotions for a more even, moisturized tan. Tanning salon attendants are your best source of information about particular tanning lotions. For extra sensitive or fair skin, a lotion with some SPF protection can actually improve your tan and prevent burning. Some lotions enhance a more golden color while some promote a darker, richer, beach-dweller tan. Going for a natural color that complements your complexion is always best!

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